Making videos that hit the mark

For marketers, video offers an expanding channel to engage potential customers. It lets you show rather than tell. It supports your sales team. And it’s an emotional media that reaches multiple senses all at once. With the right combination of story, images and soundscapes, a video can be both informative and entertaining, grabbing attention, holding interest, and leaving a positive impression.

Moving customers through appropriate media

However, it’s worth thinking about what you want to achieve, and which channel will give you the best results. You need more than moving pictures; you need to move your customers. Your choice of channel will influence which type of messages, images, and production you’re going to need. If you’re posting an update to Facebook about a new sales office, then nicely edited mobile phone footage may be more appropriate than a grand cinematic production. Whereas, if you’re announcing the launch of a new corporate brand, you might want something better than a looping gif on Twitter.

Planning a video doesn’t have to be difficult. The basics are the same as for any other marketing media: define your message and target audience, choose the best channels, match the media to the channel and audience, and then script it and produce it. Simple steps done well make magic happen.

The good news is that you don’t have to be the magician. In today’s market, as more and more people are watching online video, the cost of producing videos is coming down, and there are more tools and options available. With the right partner, you can make the most of your budget and get a professional and effective finished product that meets your audience’s expectations.

Making videos happen

Here at Brandkind, we produce videos for a range of different needs, always aiming to match production values to our customer’s resources and requirements. We do all the preparations in-house, including the scriptwriting and storyboarding, to keep our process light and quick. We also take care of the production for you, as well, including video editing and colour grading. And for the finishing touches we can also add animated illustrations, captions, graphs, highlights and more – not just eye-candy, but often what brings the video to life.

For actual video shooting, we have a go-to selection of trusted partners who can take care of everything from cost-effective shoots to more extensive productions. So, whether a video requires rough and ready real-world footage or broadcast quality videography and HD drone photography, we can make it happen. We also have good contacts with voiceover studios, to make sure that any narration is just the right timbre.

Now that video is more popular than ever, it’s a good time to see what it can do for your business. Get in touch, we’ll be pleased to tell you more.