Creating marketing impact by translating high-tech knowhow into commercial storytelling

Brandkind, an agency specialized in creating marketing communications for industrial and high-tech clients, is riding high and swimming upstream, against the current economic trends. Two years ago, the agency redefined its strategy, focusing on serving a B2B clientele in the technology sector. And it has paid off.

First published in Talouselämä, September 2020

“In Finland, as in most Nordic markets, we have the ability to create great, sustainable industrial solutions, but oftentimes fail to talk about them from the end customer’s point of view. That typical Finnish honesty, and occasional modesty, could often benefit from bolder marketing actions”, states Marja Peltola, the CEO of Brandkind.

“In our daily work we need to internalize and process a massive amount of detailed technical information. We are the interpreter who translates our clients’ in-depth knowhow and innovations into tangible customer benefits”, Peltola continues. 

Brandkind’s portfolio covers both the traditional and the more cutting-edge marketing tools and channel expertise. “We do not only run large integrated campaigns for our clients, but also do highly targeted marketing activations. Digitalization allows our clients to efficiently reach out to their global customers all at once, or through meticulously targeted messaging aimed at defined audiences.”

Brandkind’s client roster includes numerous large listed and privately-owned Nordic corporations such as Metso Outotec, Metsä Fibre, Neles, Pesmel and iLOQ. This list alone speaks volumes about Brandkind’s capabilities.

A reliable and trustworthy partner

Through its redefined strategic focus Brandkind has been able to build a stable financial foundation that has carried it through these exceptional times. On top of that, the company has a clear vision for the future.

“We have strong resources and the willingness to continuously improve and develop, to allow us to serve our clients better each day. Our target is to double our revenue in the next few years. Covid-19 has obviously presented everybody with a new set of challenges, but we are keeping our focus on the targets we have set – only the timeframe has been affected by the current world situation. Naturally, realizing these ambitious goals depends on our great clients and our partnerships with them. We aim to continue earning our position as a trusted partner in the future as well”, Peltola concludes.