20% of your marketing investment brings 80% of its value

If the facts would always speak for themselves, there would be no need for creative marketing concepts or actions. But the truth is that there is always a vast array of competing solutions available for any B2B customer of yours, and in many cases the differences between these solutions is marginal.

And as your customers are mostly faced with the decision of who to buy from, image and reputation play a much bigger role than we are often willing to admit.

Strategy and emotion mean engagement

A strategically targeted and emotionally engaging campaign often also acts as an internal boost of morale. It can arm sales with new talking points for customer encounters and in some cases even open new doors. We should never underestimate the role of an external campaign as a tool for internal communications and engagement. The commitment of your own staff plays an important part in converting the attention you gain into sales and revenue.

Obviously, we need to remember that even the most creative campaign needs the support of fact-based communications to provide the needed credibility. On-going content marketing can help extend the lifespan of a campaign and create the potential for your campaign messaging and story to become a permanent part of the sales process on the long run.

Let’s go on a journey together

The term customer journey is a hot topic in business today. And marketing, if anything, is all about taking your audience on a journey. That’s exactly why it is so important to recognize that the trips you remember are the ones with unexpected twists and turns, and unforeseen breathtaking views. A perfectly paved, perfectly straight stretch of highway may be comfortable to travel on, but it will certainly not be memorable. In all its perfection, it may even end up being boring. A creative campaign that has the power to surprise while supporting your company’s long-term strategy and sales targets will ensure that your audience doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel.