Give your marketing material a final, professional touch

At Brandkind, we offer a range of services to help customers to optimize and improve their marketing material. Whether your documents need just a few finishing touches or a radical overhaul, we can help you. So, what can we do for you and what’s the most effective way to get it done?

Making good better

From updating old copy to perfecting new material, there are several things we can usually improve to deliver a better final version. For example, we are experts at simplifying and shaping both visuals and messages into an easily understandable format – even with technically complex products. We also ensure that text and visuals complement each other, and give your material a consistent look and feel, to strongly support your brand across multiple channels.

All materials, all formats

Our services cover any format of marketing material you might require, and we offer solutions for various publication formats. From digital annual reports to sales presentations in multiple languages, as well as printable pdf brochures, we can optimize them for you visually and technically. We find the most suitable technical solution to make sure they are easy to read and share.

Visuals that sell

A visual brand identity is at the core of brand management, and we can help you get your final visuals right. This is important because a well-visualized message has more power – it supports your sales better and stays in your customer’s mind longer. Our experienced Art Directors and Graphic Designers know how to turn merely “on-brand” visuals into “buy your brand” visuals. They will give your marketing the professional touch it needs to stand out, enhancing the impact and appeal of your products and services.

People are always happy when they have beautiful sales materials to show their clients.

Easy to understand, easy to remember

Making sure that your most important messages stand out is another thing that we can do for you. From complete re-writes to final proofs and polish, our copywriters are experts at translating complicated technical details into short, clear, and appealing text, producing copy about everything from machine parts to entire production processes. Whether you work with state-of-the-art technology or heavy engineering, we can help you say what needs to be said.

A unified brand and effective ways of working

While we are happy to optimize individual documents for you one at a time, the most effective way to strengthen your brand and your sales material is for us to work on a series of documents for you. This results in more unified material and is more efficient. For example, it is quicker to prepare a series of brochures for a product family than it is to prepare each one as a stand-alone document. In both cases, working on the whole set of material enables us to plan the content better to ensure that the style and concept work for every product and service. In addition, it’s easier to keep documents up-to-date, and to check that the messaging and visuals are consistent across the material, while not being repetitive. In turn, this means that your brand and message are strong for individual products and services, as well as your entire portfolio.

Experienced and easy to work with

At Brandkind, we’re an experienced team of people who have a lot of experience in large-scale creative work, brand management, visualisation, and optimising documents. We always take your goals and objectives into account when we’re optimizing and finalizing documents for your sales teams, customers, and stakeholders.

Remember that well organized and visually excellent documents also give your colleagues a useful source of information. And people are always happy when they have beautiful sales materials to show their clients.

Contact us and discover how we can optimize your marketing material.