Reforming a brand through partnership

Finnish company Pesmel has over forty years of experience in the development and manufacture of material flow and logistics solutions. When they needed to revamp their brand, Brandkind was willing and able to help.

“It had been ten years since the previous brand reform,” explains Ilkka Hiirsalmi, Chief Marketing Officer for Pesmel, “which is, of course, a long time in a company’s business environment. Our tools to reach customers were out of date when considering recent rapid developments in digital marketing and communications.”

Creating relevant content for everyone  

The company has three target areas globally: the pulp and paper industry, metal industry, and tire manufacturing industry. A notable challenge was therefore to communicate effectively with the three disparate groups.

“One thing we really wanted to take care of was this equal representation for the three customer segments that are very different from each other,” says Petri Laine, Planner at Brandkind. “We considered how to create content so that when pulp and paper experts read it, it feels like it’s directed at them, and the same for the other industries.”

Pesmel’s business is extensive, supplying customers with fully automated packing, storing and logistics systems, and associated control automation. To provide appropriate and effective communication with their customers, an equally extensive brand rework was requested.

A fresh perspective on an established brand

“With Brandkind, we agreed on a comprehensive brand reform, where our digital communications, website, and other materials would be redesigned,” Hiirsalmi mentions. “This could perhaps be summed up in such a way that everything has got a new look except the company logo. In the second phase, we have received help from them in the use of social media, among other things.”

The fact that Brandkind offers a flexible and professional service has been a positive factor, giving Hiirsalmi the peace of mind that Pesmel’s communication needs are in the hands of professionals.

“Concrete benefits have come from getting the content, the visuals and all the tools we need from the same supplier,” he concludes. “The expertise of Brandkind is first class and the service sensitivity is commendable. We especially appreciate being able to work with a knowledgeable team that can help us even at short notice.”

Brandkind exists to support and develop our customers. Our partnership with Pesmel demonstrates how even long-established companies can benefit from a fresh perspective in their communications, benefitting us all.