Your most important audience is within

In your quest to increase sales and brand awareness among existing and potential customers, don’t make the mistake of forgetting your most important audience and asset – your own employees.

As an audience for marketing communications, they are as important, if not more important, than all other stakeholders.

Employees as ambassadors

So, why should you put the same effort into internal marketing and communications as into your external efforts? To put it simply, your employees are your primary brand ambassadors and marketing billboards towards the outside world. Employer branding and reputation is key when it comes to attracting new talent into your organization. Your employees are also your most credible messengers when communicating to clients in the field.

Companies in which the top management has abandoned their ivory towers and made themselves available in everyday working life are often seen as more engaging and inspirational places to work. A culture of transparency and open communications gives employees a common direction and purpose, and a sense of job satisfaction and security. Involving and engaging your valued employees is the best way to keep a hold of them. In the age of social media, you can also be sure that word-of-mouth will carry this reputation into the ears of prospective employees, partners, and clients alike.

Employee involvement leads to commitment

Also, when planning new product launches and marketing campaigns, it is vital to involve your internal audience well before they hear the great news first from somewhere else. Staff that feel that they have been an active part of creating success, will be active in promoting it externally as well. It is particularly important to engage your sales in any marketing activities. If they are fully committed to your external communications, they will become your most prized marketing media in their daily direct customer contact. But this level of commitment can only be achieved if your employees feel that they have been heard and involved in the process.

Promoting ideas internally and rallying the troops with a spirited battle cry can really improve the external impact of your sales and marketing efforts. To awaken passion in your audience, you must approach them with passion. If you internally promote a new campaign half-heartedly, then that is how you can expect your employees to promote it in the field. This is why communication with your internal audience should always be approached with the same seriousness and professionalism as that directed at external stakeholders.