Brandkind people: Nick Barlow

Nick Barlow is one of Brandkind’s copywriters. He joined us in May this year, after a varied career so far.

“Originally I studied Philosophy,” he says, “and since then I have worked with one of my passions – the English language – in many ways, including journalism, teaching, translation, editing, copywriting and even voiceover work.”

Creating value beyond the bottom line

This wide range of experience means that Nick brings valuable assets to our team, including ideals that strongly align with ours. “One of the appealing things about working at Brandkind is not only the variety of work but also the feeling that all of us are working towards the same goal. Not only do we want to provide excellent service to our clients, but we also want to do it in a way that helps us all create value beyond the financial bottom line.”

As a copywriter, Nick is responsible for producing written content for our customers, helping to plan projects, and works closely with project managers and art directors to create compelling stories. “Close cooperation between us in the office and our clients is vital,” he points out. “I love working with people and bouncing ideas around. This creative aspect is very appealing to me.”

Motivation, professionalism, and satisfaction

Another appealing part of his work is the challenge and reward of effective communication, combining different but related ideas into a coherent message. Making connections between people is an important part of Nick’s role.

“The clients we work with are based all around the world, in a wide variety of industries. We need to communicate their message in ways that are engaging for the defined audience, no matter how wide or narrow that definition. Even though engineers might be interested in subjects that a marketing manager might not be, and the general public are interested in something else entirely, we need to be able to communicate with them all equally effectively.”

Brandkind is a place where everyone is valued, which leads to an effective work environment, he concludes. “I have worked for companies who couldn’t care less about their staff. But here I think everyone feels like they have a role to play in fulfilling our customers’ requirements. Working with a motivated team to produce professional content is immensely satisfying.”