Creating an Engaging Annual Report

We specialize in injecting added value and interest into Annual Reports. While the financial statements, official numbers, and data required by law are generally provided by the customer, there is a lot we can do to give the publication a boost.

This often includes interviews with key management figures or highlighted customer cases, to provide context and a more reader-friendly introduction. We also help create quick-to-interpret infographic summaries of key facts and figures for the casual browser.

Communicating more than numbers

Like most documents and publications these days, annual reports are being published online, as in the case of iLOQ. In many cases, it is the primary, and often the only, format for publication. This media gives us the possibility to make annual reports even more appealing.

Interactivity, animations, video content and an easy-to-digest structure help these documents reach an even broader audience. We believe this is the way forward. We recommend to our customers that together we create experiences beyond the typical, number-heavy reports. An annual report can also communicate a lot about the company and its brand and personality.

You can check iLOQ’s latest annual report from here