Add appeal to your annual report

How will you present your next annual report? Would you prefer something that supports your brand as well as delivering facts and figures?

At Brandkind, we are increasingly creating Integrated Annual Reports for our customers, but what is an IAR?

While a standard Annual Report is written primarily for investors and reports a company’s strategic goals, forecasts and finances, an Integrated Annual Report also includes topics that are of interest to wider stakeholders, such as customers and the general public. Additional topics can include sustainability, corporate responsibility, or general news. Including content like this is a good way to support a company’s brand image. Image also matters to investors, and it’s something that a dry, old-school Annual Report doesn’t really help with.

A little graphical magic can go a long way

In addition, it’s worth remembering that all annual reports end up online these days – customers expect easy to digest, bite-sized chunks of information wrapped in a pleasing package. So why not exploit the possibilities of the internet to make your annual report stand out and tell your company’s story?

When we work on Annual Reports for our customers, we recommend that they include some additional information. At the very least, we recommend that you highlight key facts and figures, which we make the online-ready, as well as interactive charts, videos, and animations, to bring the information and your company to life. It’s amazing how much a little graphical magic can improve clarity and appeal. With these simple steps, you can add to the perceived value of your company and make it more approachable to both customers and investors. Take a look at one of our latest annual reports to see the theory in practice:

Take a look at one of our latest annual reports to see the theory in practice: