Writing the future together

We supply professional communications content targeted for all B2B decision maker levels. To help convince more technically minded audiences, ABB turned to Brandkind for a continuing series of white papers as a part of their Energy Efficiency Movement.


Clearly communicating technological issues

The Energy Efficiency Movement is into its third year. It publicises energy efficiency issues and solutions across a wide range of industries. In the industrial B2B world, there are many types of decision makers and opinion leaders that need to be reached and convinced. White papers, like the ones that have been created to support the movement, are a great way to address the more technically inclined audiences.

A good white paper must deliver in-depth information, but simultaneously be inspiring and interesting to the intended reader. Striking this balance between heavy data and easy to digest content is where we can help. A coherent structure with bite-sized sections coupled with impactful infographics and images make for an enjoyable reading experience and easy browsability. These have been key objectives for this series of white papers as well.


Thought leadership documented

Brandkind and ABB have produced more than a dozen Energy Efficiency Movement white papers to date. Smooth cooperation and a structured approach have made it possible to achieve the right depth of technicality, clarity of messaging and reader experience. The end results have been enjoyed by both the more technical target audiences as well as more top leader –level decision makers. These publications have served to support ABB’s thought leadership position as well as to highlight their technological excellence.

Not only have we been able to offer an external resource to ensure continuous production capacity throughout the campaign period, but we have been able to use our experience to translate the masses of technical data provided into clear and concise reading packages with a polished and professional look and feel.


Complex ideas in a wider marketing framework

Our role and mission in cases such as this is clear. It is our responsibility and primary task to distil a crystal-clear message and strong argumentation out of a vast array of technical and detailed documents, interviews and other source materials. This work always starts with outlining the content structure and key points of the white paper. This preliminary script works as the basis of a cooperative effort to develop the final published content together with the client’s experts.

White papers, such as the ones created for ABB, are not just an exercise in writing. The visualization of information also plays a significant role. The creation and use of diagrams, charts and other infographics as well as photography help build a more easy-to-digest publication that communicates core information most effectively.


What we've done: