Finding the right people at the right time

It can often be challenging for companies to find the right hires, especially in highly specialised fields. Cadmatic came to us with a brief to create interesting, distinctive recruitment material to help attract strong candidates for their summer job positions.


Quality and quantity don’t need to be exclusive

Cadmatic is a leading developer of digital 3D-based design, engineering, and information management software solutions. Their products are used in the marine, process, and building industries to help design structures from luxury yachts to power plants. When it comes to recruitment, the company emphasises the importance of hiring people who are not only talented but are also a good fit with company values.

For summer employees, this is no less important, especially because many of them have the opportunity to continue working with Cadmatic after their initial placement. From the company’s point of view, both quality and quantity were desired.

“Brandkind had previously helped us formulate our company values and related communication strategy,” says Jonna Stenberg, Global HR Business Partner at Cadmatic, “so they know our company and cooperation is smooth and easy. We explained our needs and left them to do what they do best.”


Fair flair

We identified the most likely channels for success as professional social media platforms – LinkedIn being the most obvious – and student recruitment fairs. Recruitment fairs remain highly valuable opportunities to meet people face-to-face, even in today’s digitally driven environment.

Recruiting summer trainees can be tricky – there is a lot of competition for places, and yet the number of suitable applicants is limited. This means that it is paramount to stand out from the crowd, both literally and metaphorically. You can’t start a conversation without attracting people in the first place.

“The unified concept made it easy to spread our message in a cohesive way,” Stenberg explains. “We participated in pre-selected student fairs and advertised online, and the materials were striking and really scaled nicely.”

The visuals were a major part of the campaign, especially given the crowded locations in which they would often be used. We took elements of coding language and the world of 3D design to appeal to the university student market.


All-round satisfaction

At the conclusion of the summer job recruitment campaign, the results were record-breaking.

“We received a record number of applications – over 530 – thanks to the campaign. About 30% heard about us through LinkedIn, and the rest from student events and other channels.” In that number were many strong candidates, and all of the company’s positions were filled with talented, motivated people.

Photo: Akifoto Oy

For Brandkind, satisfaction in this project came from knowing we had met and exceeded our client’s requirements, helping them to supplement their workforce with the best candidates available in a challenging field. For Cadmatic, happiness is this effective filling of vacant positions.

“We are very happy with the outcome of this project,” Stenberg concludes. “We gave Brandkind free reign and trusted them to come up with the right solutions, and we’re proud of the end result.”


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