Creating a movement from scratch

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We are helping ABB create an online movement around the topic of energy efficiency, bringing together industry professionals, customers, competitors and the general public.


Creating a buzz around a new energy-efficiency movement 

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, ABB provides products and services for many industrial fields. As the extent of the climate crisis has become evident, ABB has also been at the forefront of helping develop more efficient technology. After all, some 70% of the world’s energy is used by motors. 

But their environmental agenda goes beyond their products. At the beginning of 2021 they launched the Energy Efficiency Movement, a three-year initiative intended to provide a platform that would encourage worldwide action and discussion around the topic. Increasing global energy efficiency by even a small amount has the potential to contribute significantly to sustainability efforts. 

ABB needed a partner to help them promote their thought leadership position and ensure the movement got off to a flying start via a global digital campaign. 


A global, diverse audience 

Our project managers, copywriters, and art directors have worked closely with ABB communications teams to establish a significant Movement presence on social media and the internet. The brief was to raise awareness of the possibilities for improving energy efficiency in different industry areas, and publicise advances made there. 

Rather than simply promoting ABB products and technologies that can help improve energy efficiency in industrial applications, ABB wants to actively engage and invite industry, government and society to participate in the conversation. Because the project has been planned a year in advance, minimal headaches have arisen during execution. In accordance with the brief, we have ensured that not only engineers and the more technologically minded are inspired, resulting in thousands of White Paper downloads and website hits. The Movement has developed into a truly global effort, with contributions from around the world. 


Establishing a common interest in a vital topic 

In establishing the Energy Efficiency Movement with ABB, Brandkind used technological White Papers, customer success stories, and interviews with policy makers and other experts to create a wide range of content that appeals to various stakeholders. Video interviews, social media content, and articles have been produced covering a wide range of industries and energy efficient applications. 

The Energy Efficiency Movement continues, as does our role in its formation. As more companies and organisations join the Movement, we continue to produce content that reflects the principles behind it – the desire to make a difference in ways that positively benefit all of us. 


What we've done: