Cohesive and vibrant branding

When HR-tech company Sympa needed to develop a universal and cohesive visual brand identity they came to us with a brief for distinctive and characterful look that expresses their business in an eye-catching way.


Regaining brand ownership

Sympa creates HR software for analysis and growth. Users get a global view of their human resources and have access to powerful talent development and reporting tools. While their HCM product is a market leader, Sympa felt that their branding was not on the right track, with disparate elements that didn’t create the right overall impression.

With our extensive experience in branding and rebranding, working with us was a natural fit. The brief from Sympa was clear – reimagine the visual identity to express and complement the core of the company’s brand identity and help them stand out as a leader in their field.


An identity for the future

Through fully understanding our client’s needs we can always find ways to create results that go beyond the brief. Sympa’s problem of incongruent brand elements was solved. The new brand identity is more colourful, contemporary, and consistent. A complete set of guidelines and templates created by Brandkind makes it easy for the company to express their unique identity in a uniform way throughout their internal and external materials.


Ensuring uniformity and impact

To meet Sympa’s requirements, we analysed their previous visual content and found the elements that best expressed their cheerful brand identity. We refined other visual elements to complement the central theme and make it more energetic. We also refreshed the logo to give it more personality. The new Sympa mark was designed to be used as a fun graphic element as part of the redesigned, colourful and easily approachable image style.

Along with other tweaks such as refining the colour palette, modifying the brand typography, and updating the iconography style, the result was a set of impactful materials expressing Sympa’s brand clearly and cohesively.


What we've done: