Metsä Fibre

Bringing an online customer event to life

We worked with Metsä Fibre to prepare, produce and broadcast a live customer event on Zoom to promote their new, state-of-the-art Rauma pine sawmill.


Engaging customers around the world

Metsä Fibre wanted to keep their customers excited and informed about their brand-new pine sawmill in Rauma, Finland, which will start production later this year. Because the mill uses the very latest technology – much of which has never previously been used in the industry – there was plenty to tell. This included an overview of the project progress and the mill itself, as well as introductions to the technology and the benefits it will bring to customers and their end products.

As there were still travel restrictions in force in many regions, Metsä Fibre decided that a live online customer event was the best option because this would enable customers from around the world to attend and participate. Brandkind has been working regularly together with Metsä Fibre and they knew that we would understand their requirements and messages they wanted to convey. As a result, they asked us to help them bring the event to life.


Delivered live in multiple languages

We made life easier for the customer, taking care of the technical details of the event, including setting up the registration pages and organising the location. After the pre-event preparations, we successfully broadcasted the event live to customers in Europe, China, Japan and North America.

The event took place in a studio in Helsinki, with a mix of live discussion and pre-recorded video. To make sure that all Metsä Fibre’s customers could participate, we arranged simultaneous interpretation into Chinese, Japanese and Finnish in Zoom. We also arranged and moderated a live chat channel, which enabled a much-appreciated Q&A session at the end.

The technical aspects of the event went smoothly without any hitches, which let the people in the studio relax and concentrate on presenting the Rauma pine sawmill and its technology in the best way possible.


Involvement from the start

To bring everything and everyone together at the right time, Brandkind was involved from the start, from designing the look and feel of the invitations, to helping to plan the studio design and run the event. Our work included planning the event schedule and content, as well as creating pre-recorded video segments, which were used in between live studio discussions. We also handled the Zoom event invitations and arranged for simultaneous live interpretations over Zoom with multiple audio streams.

For the videography, we partnered with Finnish production company Videolle, who we have successfully worked with before, to handle the studio lighting, camerawork and live video direction.

About 80 key customers participated in Metsä Fibre’s Rauma Pine Sawmill virtual event and they gave very positive feedback. They were pleased with the top management insights into the sawmill project and its operations, and they got an understanding of how the sawmill will enable Metsä Fibre to serve them better in the future.


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