A rolling stone brand gathers no moss

iLoq - Mking life accessible - Hand holding the iLoq key

We understand the challenges faced by businesses undergoing rapid growth and international expansion. We helped iLOQ’s brand take a huge leap to match the big steps they were taking in terms of growth and technological development.


A brand for today and tomorrow

When digital access management provider iLOQ renewed its corporate strategy, it was time to upgrade their branding and messaging. Completely rethinking a brand isn’t something that is done lightly, and it’s vital to work with people who fully understand both what came before and where the company is going in the future. Thanks to mutual trust and a close working relationship with iLOQ, their brand renewal has been a great success.


Branding that affects business

The iLOQ brand identity was reimagined from the ground up. While working on the brand strategy based off the company’s new business strategy, it became clear that a shift in mindset from a technology- and engineering-focus approach to a more human- and service-oriented way of working and communicating was needed. The end result was the company’s new customer promise and philosophy, Making life accessible. A key part of the project also included the creation of a completely new visual identity to match both the shift in mindset and the ambitious growth targets the company had set.


A good brand comes to life

The new brand identity consisting of everything starting from the defined customer promise, mission and purpose to a visual identity consisting of a new logo, graphical elements, brand photography and key brand assets has served the company well during a period where they have in fact (financially) doubled in size. Thanks to a strong internal commitment and buy-in to the brand the Making life accessible way of thinking and communicating has become a natural part of daily operations.


What we've done: