360 degrees of sustainability

In today’s challenging business world, customers expect companies to address social and environmental issues in an honest, open and effective way. But how did we ensure iLOQ’s ESG message cuts through the crowd?


Creating a new kind of sustainability agenda

iLOQ has always been a different kind of lock company. As industry-leading innovators responsible for cutting-edge digital locking and access management solutions, they have revolutionised the industry.

As an industry leader in innovative digital technology, the company wanted to also establish themselves as a thought leader in sustainability issues within the access management industry. The brief was to create for iLOQ a new sustainability concept and campaign to push their desired status to the general public and the industry as a whole.


A strong, appealing message

Our long-term partnership with iLOQ means we understand their business, brand and way of working extremely well. Thanks to our intimate knowledge of their company values we ensured that the sustainability agenda and the brand complement each other. And so, the 360° of Sustainability concept was born, highlighting that it is not only iLOQ’s direct operations that come under sustainability scrutiny, but also the entire supply chain and delivered solution lifecycles.

The visually appealing campaign has proved successful internally and externally, with a consistent, clear and attractive design efficiently communicating the core ESG messages through video, content marketing, social media, and website content.


Putting values into practice

We always work closely with our customers, and this project was no exception. Our aim is always to fully understand our clients’ perspectives, both in terms of specific communications concepts and overall business philosophy. We help them to communicate their message clearly in an engaging and interesting way.

Both our companies are about getting the best out of people for a common goal. Our partnership continues with a wide variety of high-quality content to support and spread iLOQ’s comprehensive sustainability agenda.


What we've done: