Animations that help you sell

Whether they’re a small detail in a video or the main highlight at a trade stand, animations are always an effective way to catch the customer’s attention. At Brandkind, we have our own animation experts in-house who can take care of everything from simple 2D animations to photo-realistic 3D product images.

Marko Mannonen, our Head of Digital, works with our Art Directors to use animations to bring products, services and messages to life for our clients. Together, the Brandkind team has the expertise to take care of a wide range of animation work in-house, without needing to use outside resources. This makes communication fast and effective, and helps to keep the creative flow going. And it helps us meet tight schedules and tight budgets for our customers.

So what kinds of animations can we make for you? We enjoy designing and producing everything from website eye-candy to evolving infographics, and stylish transitions between video scenes. We also like to add interest to video footage with animated illustrations, captions, graphs, highlights and more. Getting images and icons to move in just the right way can be very satisfying.

Naturally, our customers expect high quality results, so Marko and the team use a range of techniques to achieve them. These include 2D vector animations for things like cityscapes, infographics and characters, as well as 3D graphics for processes, products and spaces. And, for presentation material, they can also design and deliver interactive animations. They use industry standard software from Adobe for design and video editing, and software from Autodesk for 3D work, as well as using Unreal Engine for any real-time 3D production. For rendering 3D products, they are always happy to work with the original 3D designs from the customer.

Whatever your industry, we’ll be happy to create animated material to help you sell your products and services. Get in touch to find out more.