Sustainability is everyone’s business

Sustainability is everyone’s business In the coming decades, only sustainable businesses will be able to thrive and survive. Those who refuse to change and stick to the old ways of the past will stay there. However, being sustainable and trying to improve is not enough. Businesses also have to let their customers know what they […]

Video marketing

Making videos that hit the mark For marketers, video offers an expanding channel to engage potential customers. It lets you show rather than tell. It supports your sales team. And it’s an emotional media that reaches multiple senses all at once. With the right combination of story, images and soundscapes, a video can be both […]

Internal communications

Your most important audience is within In your quest to increase sales and brand awareness among existing and potential customers, don’t make the mistake of forgetting your most important audience and valuable asset; your own employees. As an audience for marketing communications they are as important, if not more important, than all other stakeholders. So, […]

Add appeal to your annual report

Add appeal to your annual report How will you present your next annual report? Are your content with charts and numbers or would you prefer something that supports your brand as well? At Brandkind, we are increasingly doing Integrated Annual Reports for our customers. We have done several in recent years and expect to do […]

The impact of creativity

20% of your marketing investment brings 80% of its added value and impact If the facts would always speak for themselves, there would be absolutely no need for creative marketing concepts or actions. But the truth is that there is always a vast array of competing solutions available for any B2B customer of yours, and […]

Animations that help you sell

Animations that help you sell Whether they’re a small detail in a video or the main highlight at a trade stand, animations are always an effective way to catch the customer’s attention. At Brandkind, we have our own animation experts in-house who can take care of everything from simple 2D animations to photo-realistic 3D product […]

Translating technical into commercial

Creating marketing impact by translating high-tech knowhow into commercial storytelling Originally published in a Talouselämä supplement, September 2020 Brandkind, an agency specialized in creating marketing communications for industrial and high-tech clients, is riding high and swimming upstream, against the current economic trends. Two years ago, the agency redefined its strategy, focusing on serving a B2B […]

Storytelling in B2B marketing

What’s your story? – The role of storytelling in B2B marketing My father taught me long ago that an engaging story is more important than the strictly factual truth. He explained that this was just as much the case in business as it is when telling a story around the camp fire. Sounds bad, right? […]

The final touch to marketing materials

Give your marketing material a final, professional touch At Brandkind, we offer a range of services to help customers to optimize and improve their marketing material. Whether your documents need just a few finishing touches or a radical overhaul, we can help you. So what can we do for you and what’s the most effective […]